How to return stolen funds

You were deceived and lost your cryptocurrency. Here is your next steps. My cryptocurrency was stolen, what should I do? - We answer simply and briefly.
Who should I contact?
This FAQ summarizes your next steps, if you need more detailed information we recommend you to read our article - "My cryptocurrency has been stolen. What to do?".
At the moment, most countries are investigating cryptocurrency related crimes. In most cases, you will need to contact the police. It is worth considering that in order to investigate a crypto incident, law enforcement agencies must have the appropriate competencies in this field. In cases where your cryptocurrency has been stolen, you are required to file a report with the law enforcement agency in your location. Before filing a report, we advise you to gather all available evidence of the loss of funds.

The more information you have, the higher the chance of recovering your funds.
How to make an appeal?
To facilitate the preparation of an appeal to law enforcement agencies, we recommend that you contact us by filling out the form "REPORT AN INCIDENT".
Our Compliance Officer will contact you as soon as possible to clarify the details of the incident. Compliance Officer conducted an express investigation, as a result of which the following will be provided:
Report to law enforcement agencies with details of the incident
Blockchain report describing the flow of funds
A cover note that accompanies the report with a brief description of the report and next steps

Based on the results of the express investigation, the feasibility of conducting an in-depth study will be determined.

What are the chances of a refund?

The chances of recovery depend on the following factors:
Whether the perpetrator laundered the stolen funds
If so, how.
How long ago the crypto incident occurred
If the incident occurred in the next few days, the chances of recovery are greatly increased.
Law enforcement work
If law enforcement agencies receive your appeal as soon as possible and start working on the incident, it will also significantly increase the chances of a refund.

Important information

For more information on what to do if your funds are stolen and withdrawn to an exchange, you can read here.
We strongly recommend using our cryptoincident investigation service. Quick, and most importantly, high-quality response to fraud can increase the chances of getting your funds back.
When contacting us via the form, please try to briefly describe the nature of the incident. The Compliance Officer will ask you for additional information. Provide the exact amount of money lost, address (es) of the attacker. If you know the transaction hashes of your transfers, please provide them.

We have extensive experience in dealing with law enforcement agencies, which is why our report will be fully compliant with their requirements.
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