Blockchain Analytics & Crypto Investigation

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Blockchain Analytics & Crypto Investigation
AML Crypto is a certified IT-company with high-class specialists and a knowledge-intensive enterprise.
We are developing a solution to analyze blockchain addresses and assess their risks based on asset origin story.

We have been in the data analytics business for many years: we have implemented various analytics projects for large enterprises in the banking sector, automotive industry, manufacturing and logistics.

At the same time, we invested in various projects related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Our professional skills, established team of analysts and IT specialists allow us to build deep analytics and various dashboards.

Several small blockchains became a testing ground for us, where we implemented the boldest ideas related to the aggregation, processing and enrichment of data from all kinds of sources. Transactions, correspondence in profile telegram groups, on forums and not only - at the moment the number of data sources is more than a hundred.

We built cohorts, broke addresses into clusters, identified hidden patterns in the data, and one day all the information we collected became a full-fledged commercial product.

Now we're scaling, growing our team, constantly improving our solutions and creating new ones.

Our goal is to rid the world of crypto-fraud and make blockchain technology understandable and secure