Analytics of the use of crypto wallets on darknet sites
AML report based on Chainalysis, Crystal Blockchain reports
AML Crypto
Cloud solution for analyzing the sources of origin of funds on a cryptocurrency wallet
The service allows you to conduct a mass analysis of wallets to minimize the risks of blocking, as well as conduct investigations into the flow of funds from wallet to wallet.
— Open Source Intelligence
Using OSINT to deanonymize users of crypto wallets
— Analytics
Analysis of user behavior not only based on his blockchain transactions, but also on social media activity
— Artificial intelligence
Using AI to Cluster and Uncover Hidden Patterns in Big Data
Cryptocurrency market in numbers
$1.9 T
cryptocurrency market size
106+ M
wallet users
17 k
Market volume of illegal transactions
$14 billion
revealed in 2021
$20 billion
projected by 2025
Risks of crypto market participants
Blocking personal funds
Blocking blockchain projects - regulatory risks
Decreased investment attractiveness of the project due to lack of transparency 🛈
Various investment funds and private investors are increasingly considering blockchain projects as potential investment objects. They look at the history of the blockchain project, infrastructure, community, token holders and exchanges that trade this or that token. They are interested in transparency, understanding the distribution of tokens and the availability of tools that will reduce the impact of regulatory risks on the project.
Analytical dashboard
Includes the functionality of conducting investigations on the transfer of funds from wallet to wallet, allows you to minimize the risk of blocking due to communication with a risky counterparty.
Areas of activity of our clients
Crypto exchanges
Investment funds
OTC traders
Blockchain Researchers
AML, KYC, Market analytics
Analytics of the use of crypto wallets on darknet sites
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AML report based on Chainalysis, Crystal Blockchain reports
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