TOP 5 largest Bitcoin wallet moved $6 billion

On March 23, the mega-whale (the fifth largest Bitcoin wallet by volume) completed over $6 billion in transactions to newly created addresses over the past weekend.
Whales in cryptocurrencies are large investors who hold a large number of digital assets on their balance sheets compared to other holders. They can influence events occurring in the market, determine the price range, volatility, trend, and the relationship between supply and demand.
Keith first divided the amount into two parts, and then divided one of these segments into two additional addresses. Interestingly, one of these wallets now holds $5 billion in BTC, while the remaining small portion of the funds is almost evenly divided between the other two.

Analysis of Bitcoin whale transactions and BTC flows in the Bholder tool from AML Crypto.

2, 4, 6, 7, 10 - storage addresses (highlighted in green)
3, 5, 8 - transit addresses with zero balances
1, 9 - addresses where there are third-party transactions.

Since the beginning of 2019, 94,500 BTC were not active and were located at the same address. Several transactions made by amount amounted to $5.03 billion, $561.46 million and $488.4 million, leaving only 1.4 BTC on the balance sheet. On March 26, the price of Bitcoin again exceeded $71,000 due to increasing demand from institutional investors.

Large investors, according to Santiment analysts, began to actively accumulate Bitcoin, which provoked a rebound in the price of this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin price for the last 7 days. Source: Coinmarketcap

This unusual transaction has drawn attention to the question of who is behind this wallet, especially since large BTC addresses are usually associated with cryptocurrency exchange platforms. However, the lack of typical signs of exchange transactions and minimal patterns of behavior associated with this address have led many to speculate about its origin.
The analysis of the risk of a whale’s crypto address in our Btrace solution does not show a very good picture. The wallet that made such a large transaction was in contact with scam and other illegal activities.
AML Crypto opinion
A move of more than $6 billion in Bitcoin by one of the market's biggest players could signal a turning point ahead of the Bitcoin halving. It is also important to note that this happened against the backdrop of growing interest in Bitcoin ETFs and increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies by large institutional investors.

It is difficult to say at the moment why this whale woke up and determine the purpose of the transactions. But our company will continue to monitor the situation.

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