Trader lost $68 million due to address spoofing fraud

Cyvers Alerts reported an anonymous user who was the victim of an attack known as "address poisoning"*. As a result of this attack, he lost access to 1,155 wrapped Bitcoins, worth approximately $68 million.
*When using the “address poisoning” method, attackers, either by deception or using technical tricks, force the user to send cryptocurrency to a fake address, which is similar to the real one only in the starting and ending characters.
The theft was first reported by network security firm Cyvers in its X account on May 3:
“Are we wrong, or did someone actually lose $68M in WBTC? Our system detected another address that fell victim to address poisoning, losing 1155 WBTC."
According to CoinStats, the victim, wallet “0x1E...”, lost more than 97% of its total assets, worth more than $67.8 million.

Source: Bholder tool from AML Crypto

AML Crypto Reminder
It is almost impossible to prevent an attack, so our team reminds you how important it is to be extremely careful when copying addresses from your transaction history. Seemingly simple and trivial methods of digital hygiene and cyber security should not be neglected.

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