The number of thefts due to phishing on the L2 Ethereum network has increased by 1900% compared to January

Recent data shows a sharp increase in thefts of cryptocurrency funds on Layer 2 Ethereum networks in March. According to reports, funds stolen through phishing scams have increased 18 times compared to January.

Data from the Scam Sniffer platform indicates that in March alone, scammers were able to steal about $3.35 million using phishing scams on the Base network. This is an increase of 334% compared to February ($773,900) and 1,880% compared to January, when the amount of stolen funds was only $169,000.

It is also noted that Binance's BNB Smart Chain experienced a similar surge in phishing attacks in March.

Source: Scam Sniffer

An estimated $71.5 million was lost due to phishing, with 77,529 victims, up from $58.3 million and $46.8 million in losses in January and February, respectively. Phishing links from fake X accounts continue to be a “top tactic,” with more than 1,500 incidents in March.

Source: Scam Sniffer

The surge in phishing attacks on Base has coincided with growing interest in memcoins on the Coinbase-backed network. This has brought Base's total value to over $3.2 billion, representing a 370% increase in the current 2024 year, according to L2Beat.

Source: L2Beat

Despite a 48% drop in cryptocurrency thefts in March to $187.2 million, according to an April 1 report from PeckShield, the surge in phishing attacks on Base continues. That figure includes $98.8 million this month that was recovered.
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