Scammers revealed themselves with a complaint to MetaMask

Administrators of phishing sites posing as (a self-destructing messaging service) inadvertently exposed their criminal activities by substitution of cryptocurrency wallets. This was reported by journalist Brian Krebs.

Last month they submitted a complaint to MetaMask for allegedly illegally flagging their site privnote[.]co as malicious. They were not even embarrassed by the evidence provided by the wallet security department.

MetaMask's response with evidence that privnote[.]co is spoofing cryptocurrency addresses. Data: KrebsOnSecurity.

During correspondence with representatives of MetaMask, the scammers revealed a number of domains that they used to spoof Privnote.
Spoofing is a collective term for cyberattacks in which a criminal impersonates a trusted person, service, or device in order to gain benefit by harming the user. Such attacks can occur during any form of communication on the Internet and use any means - from simple to technically complex.
Analysis of the newly obtained domains, in turn, led researchers to two citizens - Andrey Sokol from Moscow and Alexander Ermakov from Kyiv. These are probably pseudonyms.

Since 2020, a large number of phishing sites have been registered to these individuals. Among them were those who impersonate MetaMask and steal user account data from various darknet sites.

For example, one of these sites brought the attackers about $18,000 in crypto assets in 5 days (from March 15 to March 19, 2024).
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