Dubai Police will use blockchain to conduct investigations

A strategic collaboration between the city's police department and the Cardano Foundation was announced at the World Police Summit in Dubai. This move represents an innovative approach to improve security through the use of blockchain technology.
Cardano is a blockchain platform created by Input Output Hong Kong and Charles Hoskinson, former co-founder of BitShares, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The system is focused on launching smart contracts, decentralized applications, sidechains and multi-party computing. Cardano's internal cryptocurrency is called ADA. The platform is named after Gerolamo Cardano, and the cryptocurrency is named after Ada Lovelace.
The agreement, announced during the summit, aims to transform the fight against crime by using the Cardano blockchain to securely share sensitive criminal investigation data with international organizations such as Interpol.
Transforming Crime Fighting with Blockchain
Dubai Police has successfully implemented a pilot project demonstrating the ability to safely and effectively disseminate critical forensic information. This project involved scanning bullets embedded in concrete and transmitting the data to stakeholders around the world using blockchain technology. This innovative approach not only ensures the integrity of information, but also increases the transparency of data exchange, improving traditional methods of fighting crime.
Growing acceptance of blockchain in law enforcement
The collaboration between the Cardano Foundation and Dubai Police is further evidence of the growing recognition and adoption of blockchain technology in the global fight against crime. Last year, the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency (NCA) announced plans to recruit blockchain experts to improve its investigation of cryptocurrency crimes.
The AML Crypto team can confirm from its own experience the interest of law enforcement agencies in blockchain technologies and solutions for investigations and forensic activities. Our solutions for checking Btrace cryptocurrency wallets and visually representing interactions of Bholder blockchain addresses are actively and successfully used by the police.
Expanding Use Cases Beyond Security
The partnership between Dubai Police and Cardano, although aimed at improving security, is just one example of the use of blockchain technology. The versatility of blockchain has led to its integration into various industries such as healthcare, energy, education, media, government, financial services and the Internet of Things (IoT). Companies are increasingly exploring the potential of blockchain to create new revenue streams and drive innovation in various sectors.

The successful Dubai Police pilot project is a prime example of the significant benefits of decentralized and tamper-proof systems in law enforcement. As blockchain continues to demonstrate its practical applicability, its role in ensuring data integrity and security has the potential to redefine the public sector technology landscape. The UAE initiative serves as an important example for other countries to integrate blockchain technologies as an integral part of protecting confidential information in the pursuit of fairness and security.
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