The amount of crypto-fraudsters and their methods are growing
  • Multisig address fraud
    Multisig address fraud
    A new type of fraud that has become widespread in the summer of 2022. The scammer, under the guise of a beginner in cryptocurrency, asks for help from users.
  • Tech support scam
    Tech support scam
    Fraudsters never sleep and find new ways to steal funds. In this example, we will show you an example that is related to support in communities.
  • What do CEX suggest to do if cryptocurrency was stolen
    What do CEX suggest to do if cryptocurrency was stolen
    As statistics show, most of the stolen funds, one way or another, eventually end up on CEX exchanges for cashing out.
  • Crypto-fraud. Trends for 2022
    Crypto-fraud. Trends for 2022
    Original data and research on crypto-fraud based on the Chainalysis report.
  • Crypto fraud Address generation
    Address generation
    How scammers use your transaction history against you and why the copy button can be dangerous.
  • Crypto fraud Address generation
    How to launder money with NFTs
    At the moment, there are many local laundering through the purchase and sale of NFTs, we have chosen about three of the main ones.